5 Easy Eco-Friendly New Year’s Resolutions


5 Easy Eco-Friendly New Year’s Resolutions

Out with the old, in with the new —and green! Here are simple eco-friendly new year’s resolutions to welcome 2021.

    This year has been strenuous, to say the least. The global pandemic has overwhelmed us in indescribable ways. That’s why we can’t help but wish the year 2021 would come sooner, with the hopes of becoming a much better time for all of us.

    The new year isn’t just a reminder of new beginnings. It’s also a room for new habits. At the rate our planet is going, the next few years will be a challenge, but every bit of help counts. Here are easy eco-friendly new year’s resolutions to save Mother Earth.

    1. Live by your reusable items

    Eco Bags

    From your shopping bags to water bottles, there are countless reusable options available everywhere. Use them every chance you get. Studies show eight million metric tons of plastic end up in our oceans each year. Plus, it takes 400 years for waste to decompose in a landfill. So always opt for better choices wherever you go.

    2. Reject fast fashion

    Insanely cheap clothing often sounds too good to be true because they are. In fact, fashion is the second most polluting industry in the world. What happens is perfectly healthy soil is ravaged and turned into millions of cotton acres, wherein the precious ground water source is also depleted. Furthermore, cheap clothing is rich in toxic fabric and burns off far too much fossil fuels in the process. Let’s not forget about countless underpaid, unprotected and often overworked factory workers.

    Forget about fast fashion. Choose clothes from sustainable and conscious brands. Invest on good quality that will last you a lifetime. You can even shop second hand and appreciate preloved yet very fashionable choices.

    3. Support your local businesses

    Local vegetables and fruits market

    Just the sheer amount of carbon emissions from transporting goods from point A to point B is enough to devastate the environment. Plus, many of these manufactured and farmed items are buffered with chemicals, both of which are harmful to you and Mother Earth.

    Another easy eco-friendly new year’s resolution is to shop local. Not only are you supporting your community’s farmers, sellers and makers. You’re also doing your part to save the environment.

    4. Skip the meat as often as you can


    We understand that it can be tough to make the absolute switch to veganism. However, the air, land and water pollution caused by farming is wreaking havoc. The first step is to reduce your meat intake, choose where you buy and opt for plant-based options.

    There’s no shortage of non-meat but equally delicious good brands out there. Moreover, there are farms who carefully and mindfully raise their animals to lessen emissions and do their part for the planet. Make the better choice and invest your money on responsible businesses. What’s more, you’re putting the right, nutritious food in your body to sustain your well-being. Try a “meat free Monday” for starters!

    5. Learn more about saving the planet

    Perhaps the most important eco-friendly new year’s resolution you can make is to continue learning. There are so many small steps you can take to ensure our planet has a second shot. There are also plenty of conservation projects you can get involved in. It’s no longer enough to simply be aware. Taking action is what makes a difference.

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