5 Free Lifestyle Changes to be More Sustainable


5 Free Lifestyle Changes to be More Sustainable

Becoming eco-friendlier doesn’t mean spending every time. In fact, here are ways to live sustainably, at zero cost.

    Living sustainably is one, if not the only way to ensure our future. Fortunately, more and more corporations and consumers are making the change. It’s no longer enough to simply buy or sell something that’s a great deal. It’s now about how conscious one can be.

    But living sustainably doesn’t just mean spending each chance we get. There are plenty of ways you can go green without breaking the bank. In fact, you can start saving Mother Earth without spending anything.

    Here are free ways to live more sustainably.

    1. Turn off the lights and faucets

    Turned off faucet

    One of the simplest, cost-free way to become eco-friendly? Watch your consumption. Kick the habit of brushing your teeth while the water is running. Switch off the lights when you leave the room. Collect rainwater so you don’t have to waste so much of it when you’re gardening. Alternate your strong lights with your smaller, moodier ones when you’re about to kick back.

    2. Be one with nature

    Woman doing yoga in the nature

    It’s easy to get lost living our daily lives. We have deadlines to meet, bosses to answer to and obligations to fulfill. However, the tiniest chance to unplug and spend time in nature is not only uplifting. It’s also a cost-free way to live sustainably.

    It could be a walk or hike to the nearest park or indulging on a bike trail up the mountains. Immersing yourself in natural beauty once in a while grounds you. It will help you realize how much beauty and essence we can lose without doing our part. Besides, you’ll be surprised how much better and more at peace you will feel.

    3. Use plants as décor

    Indoor Plants

    It could be hard to resist the next best deal on home décor. However, shopping isn’t always a sustainable option because of carbon footprint and what could be a lot of plastic packaging.

    Use your own backyard as your personal home mall. Decorate your home with plants. They are beautiful natural accessories that can liven up any home. Furthermore, they absorb carbon monoxide, helps remove impurities in the air and going for edible plants could even drive you to eat healthier. Take it to the next level by learning how to transplant and repot. Use old containers as pots and beds. This way, you can add more plants in your home without spending a dime.

    4. Bring your reusables

    Metal cutlery

    Always have a set of reusables with you wherever you go. Whether it’s to the grocery, gym or overseas, this is one of the best free ways to live more sustainably that can make a massive difference.

    Just before you start buying your reusables, look at what you have at home first. Old jars can double as containers, especially if you’re headed to the bulk aisle. You can also bring your metal cutlery when you go on trips.

    5. Eat smarter

    Control yourself from buying so much food. There are so many ways you can cook up leftovers and prevent tremendous wastage and spoilage. You can even regrow your own food. Plenty of vegetables and fruits like tomatoes, ginger, pineapple, potatoes and garlic can all be regrown.

    If you live with pets, you can even double down on your efforts by whipping up healthy meals that you and your furry best friend can enjoy. This way, you are cutting back on carbon footprint and packaging from dog food stores.

    Living more sustainably and for free is a rewarding way to live. Keep these tips in mind and you will be saving both money and Mother Earth.

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