5 Simple Ways to Be Sustainable Parents


5 Simple Ways to Be Sustainable Parents

Today’s parenting does not only mean caring for your children. Mother Earth is at stake too. Here are easy yet effective ways to be sustainable parents.

    Parenthood is one of life’s greatest joys. As we become more aware of the alarming ways we impact the planet negatively, it’s only essential that our sustainable lifestyle echoes in childcare.

    Becoming sustainable parents can be challenging. However, it is also very rewarding to go against the curve of fast consumerism and balance it with everything that comes with raising kids.

    The good news is you can achieve earth-friendly parenthood in simply yet effective ways. Here are tips to to be a more sustainable parent.

    1. Remember the 5 R’s of the zero waste movement

    For new parents who are only beginning their journey towards zero waste childcare, the core belief to remember are the 5 R’s:

    • Refuse
    • Reduce
    • Reuse
    • Rot (compost)
    • Recycle

    Between all the diapers, gifts, toys and food packaging, it won’t be an overnight change. However, keeping these R’s in mind will help you stay in the right direction. For example, don’t be afraid to refuse gifts for your children. Reduce the amount of baby products you’re using. Invest on reusable diapers and long-lasting toys. Place all those veggie scraps from your homemade baby recipes into your compost bin.

    2. Go for hand-me-downs and pre-loved items

    Couple selecting clothes for baby

    Part of being sustainable parents is committing to the idea that you don’t need to buy new things all the time. Baby clothes are among the biggest contributor to fast fashion pollution. Going to thrift shops and local clothes swaps will lead you to baby clothes that are not only more earth-friendly but can also be equally endearing.

    Don’t hesitate to accept pre-loved clothes, toys and other baby care products from your family and friends. This cycle of maximizing what is available without doing more damage is exactly the mentality earth-friendly parenthood is all about.

    3. Make your own baby food

    Dad giving food to his daughter

    There’s a ton of waste generated from food packaging, baby food included. Often, they come in plastic pouches, which take forever to never to decompose. Our advice? Learn to make your own baby food.

    Find the best vegetables and fruits you can get your hands on from a local market or zero waste grocery. Blend into purees or soups. Not only are you cutting down on your waste. You also know exactly what can be found in your baby’s food.

    4. Make children’s parties more eco-friendly

    Children comfortably eating with their fingers

    A lot of Earth-killing products can be found in parties. From disposable cutlery to bags used for take-home goodies. The trick is to organize parties that are both fun and eco-friendly.

    Think of food that children can comfortably eat with their fingers instead. If you want something for them to take home, opt for a book or fresh fruit instead of a bag of plastic-wrapped candies.

    5. Be an example of sustainable living

    Mother and father playing wooden blocks with their daughter

    This practice of being sustainable parents will only take on its highest meaning if you can teach your children to live sustainably too. Let them learn from you. Show them that it’s not a chore to choose Mother Earth’s survival. Allow them to participate and get involved in various activities and learnings that will awaken the ecowarrior in them.

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