5 Tips for Living a Simple and Affordable Eco-Friendly Lifestyle


5 Tips for Living a Simple and Affordable Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

It’s much easier to go green these days. More and more brands are coming out with earth-friendly organically produced products. Here are 5 tips to get you started on an eco-friendly lifestyle.

    Make Your Own Cleaning Products

    Wooden hair brush with flower, candle and salt on the top of bathtub

    Love little projects to keep you busy on off days? Try DIY-ing your way to a clean, healthy home. Commercial cleaning products are laden with toxic ingredients. You can make your own cleaning products using ingredients that can be found in your kitchen, such as:

    • Vinegar
    • Essential oils
    • Lemon and Lime
    • Salt
    • Baking Soda

    You can create your own fabric sanitizer, disinfectant sprays, antibacterial wipes, and so much more with these simple ingredients. And since these ingredients are affordable, so you can definitely stock up for future DIYs.

    Give Your Car a Break… from Time to Time

    Man riding bicycle

    Now that working from home is a norm, there’s no need to drive to the office. If you must, give the car a break from time to time and take public transport. If there are shorter routes to your office, ride a bike or go for a walk. Skipping the car every now and then lets you save more on emissions.

    Make Recycling a Habit

    Recycled bottle inside in eco bag

    An oldie but still a goodie, recycling everything from plastic bags to old newspapers is one of the best ways to preserve the environment. You can also upcycle broken items at home, collect and sell aluminum and other metals to a local scrap metal center, build compost at home, donate clothing to the needy, etc. Every bit helps to ease choked landfills.

    It’s equally important to teach your children the importance of recycling and making it a part of their daily lives. Starting them young will benefit the environment; there are no downsides!

    Build an Edible Garden

    Backyard garden

    That’s right, apart from being a relaxing hobby, gardening is also good for the environment. Imagine building an edible garden and never needing to buy fresh produce at the grocer. You don’t have to drive up to the supermarket for vegetables and fruits. You can harvest them at home, in a garden that you’ve built with your own hands. Doesn’t that feel rewarding?

    Getting starter plants can be expensive, so we suggest growing plants from seed. You can buy herb kits to start and build an indoor or outdoor herb garden. Seeds are less expensive, and the selection is always better. Stick to easy to grow fruits, vegetables, and herbs to start. There’s no need to buy equipment; you can start small and then upgrade your garden as you go along.

    Ditch the Takeout

    Woman chopping carrots

    Ordering out sure is convenient when you have your hands full, but cooking your meals from scratch will do a world of good for the planet, your health, and your pocket. When you’re cooking your own food, you have more control over the ingredients of every meal. You can use organically produced ingredients and minimize the seasonings to keep every dish healthy.

    Organically grown vegetables and fruits are kinder to the environment. The supply chain does not drain Earth’s resources and pollute the waters, soil, and air. Also, you can say goodbye to plastic utensils and use reusable cutleries. Making your own meals is more budget-friendly than ordering takeouts or stocking up on TV dinners.

    Who knew transitioning to a simple and eco-friendly lifestyle can be easy and affordable? With these tips, anyone can make green choices and become a part of the solution.

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