6 Low Impact Travel Tips


6 Low Impact Travel Tips

Millions travel all over the world everyday, causing devastating environmental effects. Here are low impact travel tips for your next getaway.

    Aiming to be eco-friendly isn’t always easy, especially when traveling. We put our best luxury foot forward, wanting the most of what the holidays can give us. However, it’s continuously devastating Mother Nature no thanks to our carbon footprint. That’s why we should all be more responsible travelers.

    Keep these low impact travel tips in mind when planning your next trip.

    1. Support conscious airlines and agencies


    At the state Mother Nature is in, there’s no room for us to be complacent with agencies or airlines that don’t care about the environmental effects of traveling. The first step is for you to spend on those that have reduced their carbon footprint or created programs to help fight travel pollution.

    For example, Virgin Atlantic are taking steps to convert industrial waste to jet fuel. Air France has reduced their carbon dioxide emissions by 20% since 2020 started. United Airlines has recently introduced their 30/70 blend biofuel.

    2. Go for direct flights and economy class

    Economy class flight

    Another low impact travel tip is to choose direct flights over layovers when you can. Much of the carbon footprint generated by planes is during take off and landing. So if you can afford to skip long haul flights that have plenty of stops, go for it.

    Flying economy class also helps lessen one’s carbon footprint when traveling. Airlines utilize planes that have maximum seating capacity, thereby being efficient on the amount of flights it can take.

    3. Travel on land where you can

    Couple waiting for train

    Taking a road trip or riding the train over short flights across Europe is another way to be a more eco-conscious traveler. It’s much kinder on the environment, with energy-efficient cars being available for rent across continents. Bicycle tours can also be equally thrilling, if not more enriching.

    It may take more time but these journeys can often be more scenic. There’s no telling what you can chance upon along the way.

    4. Learn more about where you’re going

    Every place has its own set of rules. When traveling to foreign countries, it helps to learn about what they value. Not only does it save you from trouble. It also encourages you to be more aware of how others take care of the environment.

    Reading up on wildlife laws and recycling rules is a start. Educate yourself and understand how you can be a responsible traveler wherever you end up.

    5. Bring your reusables

    Reusable items tumbler

    Aiming for low travel impact also means being equipped with your array of reusables. From your beverage tumblers and cutlery to grocery bags, it’s essential to have them with you wherever you go. It will eliminate the need for single-use purchases.

    6. Consume smart – food, drinks, electronics, switching off lights, plant based

    It’s not just how you intend to travel. It’s also about how you will spend your time when you get to your destination.

    A part of low impact travel is to consume responsibly. Skip the buffet if you can and opt for plant-based choices. Switch off the lights when you leave your hotel room. Go for restaurants or stores that try their best to be ecofriendly.

    “Leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but pictures, kill nothing but time.” Let these famous words, along with these tips be your creed the next time you travel.

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