A Guide to an Eco-Friendly Christmas


A Guide to an Eco-Friendly Christmas

Christmas doesn’t have to hurt Mother Earth. Here are tips for one eco-friendly holidays with your loved ones.

    The holidays are a time of gift-giving and food-feasting. While it isthe most wonderful time of the year, it can’t be denied that the Christmas season also embodies consumerism. Everything feels like excess, which often leads to a wasteful impact.

    This season doesn’t have to hurt Mother Earth. Here’s a guide on how you can have an eco-friendly Christmas with your loved ones.

    Shop with your reusable bags

    Mother and daughter buying fruits with their eco bag

    More and more shops have encouraged customers to bring their own shopping bags. Be one with the cause by taking your reusable bags with you everywhere you go. It saves you from using unnecessary plastic packaging. While you’re at it, bring along your reusable beverage tumbler too.

    Support conscious brands

    Reusable bags

    The climate crisis has created a big shift on how people consume and buy. We still have a long way to go. Fortunately, there’s been an increase in brands that are more conscious about production, manufacturing and packaging.

    Another step towards an eco-friendly Christmas is to shop from these brands. Go for those that don’t utilize animal testing, toxic packaging, and the like. Better yet, get in with local businesses that practice good green habits. Moreover, supporting those from your area means less carbon footprint.

    Adorn your home with sustainable décor

    LEG Lights

    Making the switch to LED lights helps conserve energy. You can also use solar-powered Christmas lights if you want to take it a step further. Foraging for pinecones and other natural decorations you could find during a nature walkabout also prevents you from buying Earth-destructive décor.

    People selecting real christmas tree

    Choose a real Christmas tree

    Others will contest that going for an artificial tree is more environmental-friendly. However, experts over at The Carbon Trust explains that a real Christmas tree possess significantly lower carbon footprint, provided they are disposed of properly afterwards.

    A 2m tree that has roots can be burned as bonfire after, chipped into pieces or even planted again after the holidays. This way, you are giving back what you have taken.

    Mind your wrapping

    eco friendly gift wrap carton

    Another way to have enjoy eco-friendly holidays is to be very mindful about wrapping gifts. Don’t buy from the stores. Instead, get creative and resourceful by reusing old magazine pages, newspapers, or other recycled paper you have. You can also use fabric scarves, brown paper or even previous wrappers you’ve used or received gifts in before.

    Watch what you eat

    It’s no secret: One of the biggest contributors to our dying planet is the way we consume food. Making small changes during the holidays doesn’t only reduce environmental impact. It also encourages better and healthier eating.

    Eat less meat and source your ingredients carefully. Head to the farmers’ market instead of the grocery, so there is least amount of harmful packaging. Substitute a few meaty staples with vegetables instead. There are plenty of tasty recipes available online that won’t make the rest of your spread bland and boring. If you have any leftovers, remake it as a meal for the next few days or donate it to the needy.

    Let the spirit of giving during this season extend to Mother Nature. Keep this guide in mind so you can always have the greenest Christmas possible.

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