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    Our ECOgardener outdoor garden compost bin provides an eco-friendly gardening solution by turning your household waste into fertilizer. From your dinner leftovers and kitchen scraps to garden waste, our large outdoor compost container also boosts your soil’s health. Plus, it takes no time at all to install.

    You won’t need tools or professional help to assemble our compost bins. Simply clip the pieces together and position in your garden. You can follow our easy instruction guide that will assist you step by step. Once you have your aerating compost bin set up, you can start adding in your household waste until it’s filled to the brim. In as little as six weeks’ time, your compost will be ready to add to your garden. Gain access by opening the bottom hatch to release your very own homemade, purely natural, chemical-free fertilizer.

    With its heavy duty and functional design, our compost bins are made for the outdoors and are resistant to the elements. Once you unlock the wonderful world of composting, your harvest will be much healthier, richer in flavor and bigger in yield.

    • ASSEMBLES IN MINUTES. No tools or expert help needed. Simply clip the pieces together and our compost bin will be ready to go.
    • ECO-FRIENDLY GARDENING SOLUTION. Enrich your soil by turning your household waste into natural fertilizer. With our compost container, you can produce nutrient-rich compost in as little as six to eight weeks.
    • HEAVY DUTY AND LONG LASTING. Made from durable recycled material, expect our garden compost bins to be hardy and everything you need for outdoor composting.
    • FUNCTIONAL DESIGN. Our aerating compost box features a latch-on lid and easy-to-open bottom hatch to release compost. This encourages easy, efficient and accessible

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ECOgardener Herb Garden Kit

Gardening Products We Love

    Got no space for an herb garden? With the ECOgardener Herb kits, you can turn your windowsill, balcony, or kitchen window into a thriving urban garden! Our DIY herb garden kits take the guesswork out of building an herb garden. It’s the perfect gift for beginner gardeners!

    The kit comes with all the items you need to build an indoor garden:

    • 5 Biodegradable bamboo growing pots
    • 5 + 2 Non-GMO seed packets
    • 5 bamboo plant markers
    • 5 Coconut coir soil discs

    No space? No problem! Our herb seed kits are space-efficient. You can plant your favorite herbs in a small space – basil, thyme, cilantro, rosemary, parsley, oregano, chives, dill – with room to spare!

    Green thumb not required! The herb seeds are guaranteed fast germinating. Within just a few short weeks, you’ll have your own supply of fresh herbs. Herb gardening indoors has never been this easy!

    Herb gardening is not only rewarding; it’s a relaxing activity that your family will love. The herbs will definitely brighten up your living spaces too. Give herb gardening a try; it’s easy! If you are not satisfied with our herb seed kits, we’d gladly refund or replace them.

    What are you waiting for? Season your everyday dishes with fresh herbs from your own herb garden. Get the ECO Gardener herb kits today!

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Ecogardener Elevated Raised Bed

Gardening Products We Love

    Our ECOgardener elevated raised beds give you more room to grow anywhere in your garden without the need to bend over. From vegetables and herbs to fruits and more, these raised beds give you better vantage point for planting. Plus, they provide sturdy and low-maintenance support for your harvest to thrive.

    No tools are needed to assemble our elevated raised beds. A simple slide and lock action gets the work done in fifteen minutes or less. Made from fir that rivals hardwood for its strength and sturdiness, they’re sanded smooth and can easily be stained to better match your garden’s aesthetics. They are also resistant to rot and insects, allowing you to maximize growth with minimal effort.

    Our elevated raised beds are perfect for all kinds of gardening locations. From patios to balconies and backyards, you can plant the easier way to prevent back pains, and accommodate mobility challenges.

    • ASSEMBLES IN MINUTES – No nails, screws or other tools required for you set up our elevted raised beds. Simply slide and lock the dovetail joints together and you’ll have one ready in no time.
    • NO MORE BACK PAINS – These elevated raised beds provide pain-free growing with zero back-bending required. You can grow and maintain your plants with ease and confidence.
    • ROT-RESISTANT TO LAST A LONG TIME – Made from 100% non-toxic fir wood for extreme durability and strength, our elevated raised beds are resistant to rot and insects. They are sanded smooth and can be stained to suit your taste.
    • EASY TO STACK AND EXPAND – Every assemblage was made to fit like a glove. This way, you can grow your garden further by stacking our elevated raised beds together with little to no effort.
    • VALUE FOR MONEY – We at ECOgardener pride ourselves on affordable yet durable gardening solutions. Our elevated raised beds come at very good prices, guaranteed to last you a lifetime.

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