Easy Eco-Friendly Upgrades for Your Bedroom


Easy Eco-Friendly Upgrades for Your Bedroom

You can continue to live green while you sleep. Here are eco-friendly updates your bedroom, and Mother Earth, deserve.

    Finding ways to be kinder to our planet grows more important everyday. The climate crisis is real, and we must do everything we can to ensure we have a healthy and thriving environment to live in, including the next generations to come.

    An eco-friendly life means making crucial switches, including where we sleep. Similar to the kitchen, home office and the rest of your house, the bedroom is another area to make sustainable switches for. Luckily, there are more than enough revamps around.

    Here are easy eco-friendly upgrades for your bedroom.

    1. Be more mindful with lighting

    Bedroom with natural lights

    Energy conservation is a pillar of a sustainable life. The easiest way you can start now is to choose energy-efficient lights, even go for solar option if you can. Moreover, remember to switch off your lights if you don’t need them.

    The good thing about bedroom lighting is there are plenty of mood lights that consume very little energy but still keep a warm, ambient feel in your room.

    2. Use plants as décor

    Woman pouring water on plants in her bedroom

    There are plenty of ways to beautify your bedroom. However, an easy and eco-friendly upgrade is to use plants instead. Plants not only provide you a better-breathing space. It also accentuates your bedroom like no other.

    There are countless houseplant options out there, including aloe vera, snake plant, lavender, rubber plant and pothos.

    3. Go for pre-loved and recycled furniture

    Pre loved furniture

    You don’t need to buy new furniture to elevate your space. Another eco-friendly upgrade for your bedroom is investing in pre-loved and recycled ones. Doing this means you’re lessening your carbon footprint and you’re contributing to the saving of trees that could have been cut down to make furniture.

    Take the time to shop around. Check the wide range of online stores and personal sellers who have the same design taste as you. Go to thrift stores in hopes of seeing an upcycled bed frame or bedside table to add to your room.

    4. Invest on an eco-friendly mattress and beddings

    Eco-friendly beddings

    If you must spend your money, spend it on an organic mattress and conscious-labeled beddings. An “eco bed” is made mindfully and is environmentally safe. Moreover, it is made from renewable materials like natural latex, cotton, wool, hemp or bamboo.

    These alternative options are much kinder to our planet but are equally, if not more efficient and comfortable. Pro tip? Make sure to buy local. This way, your beddings don’t have to travel from afar and add even more footprint.

    5. Get greener temperature control

    Summer and winter can be particularly unforgiving but that doesn’t mean you can’t make smarter choices when making yourself feel more comfortable.

    Do away with mechanical temperature controls and lessen the time you use your air conditioning. The simplest addition of sun shades or blinds can make a massive difference. Once it’s wintertime, go for greener heating options like biofuel, solar heating, or even pellet stoves.

    6. Be in the know

    It’s always helpful to be informed on the best ways to live a sustainable lifestyle, even in your place of rest. Find time to learn more about living a greener life. See which cost-effective options you could have on hand. After all, you don’t need to spend a fortune to assure our planet’s future.

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