How to Form Eco-Friendly Habits that Stick


How to Form Eco-Friendly Habits that Stick

Switching up habits to save the Earth can take some extra effort. Here’s how you can ensure these new eco-friendly habits stay with you.

    When it comes to doing our part for the environment, reevaluating one’s self is already a big step forward. Realizing that we do certain things that could be more destructive than helpful could lead us to form better habits —those that will be crucial to our survival.

    We are becoming more aware of the urgency our planet needs for us to save it. The next step is to ensure that the eco-friendly habits we are adapting stick.

    Here are ways to ascertain that out newfound sustainable acts will stay with us, and become a way of life.

    Start with one area first

    The thought of saving the world can be overwhelming. When you realize that there are a lot of changes that need to happen, it could paralyze you and dishearten you to do anything at all. That’s why it is absolutely essential to start small.

    Step back and look at your life through different parts. There’s how you eat, clean, work, socialize and more. Choose one area and begin to analyze the various ways you can develop eco-friendly habits within it.

    Do a little spring cleaning

    Couple donating clothes

    To make way for your new eco-friendly habits, you need to make room. Donate, recycle or sell all the other things you know you won’t need on your zero-waste journey.

    The ones that you won’t need are those that will last you longer and have less impact on the planet. By doing a little spring cleaning, you can have better control of your surroundings. Moreover, you will be far less tempted to revert to the old bad ways.

    Feed yourself with the right information

    To say there’s a floodgate of available information right now is a complete understatement. Just about anywhere, you’ll see countless resources and news that could often be daunting. Sometimes, the amount of information just takes over that we don’t know where to start.

    Regulate your news and social media intake. Find your balance in staying informed and protecting yourself from climate anxiety. It’s ideal to limit your resources to a handful of credible and updated ones too.

    Remind yourself why you’re doing it

    Part of living by your eco-friendly habits is to remind yourself why you do it. There may be days where life could be easier without taking all these “extra” steps. However, this sense of instant gratification can be damning in many ways. It won’t only affect your health and the people around you. It will also affect future generations to come.

    One trick is to have visual reminders. Small notes on your refrigerator or work station that lets you know you’re on the right path, and that what you’re doing is meaningful.

    Changes don’t have to be costly

    Sustainable products tooth brush, brush and soap

    With the boom of sustainable lifestyles comes pricey brands and expensive products that often forget overshadow the real task at hand: saving Mother Earth. The truth is you don’t need to spend a lot in order to make sure your new habits stick. What is more crucial is your commitment to it.

    Find the most cost-effective, local and sustainable products that suit your budget. From here, you can concentrate on doing the actual work. After all, the rest is noise.

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