On Becoming Eco-Friendly Pet Owners


On Becoming Eco-Friendly Pet Owners

Much like sustainable parenting, pet owners must learn how to be more eco-friendly. Here are simple steps you can take to be more sustainable furry friends.

    There are countless changes we can make to be more eco-conscious. Just as the decline of our planet becomes more aggressive every year, our efforts must double if we want to continue thriving.

    As pet owners, we also have a responsibility to be more mindful. Our furry friends are much like our children. We need to feed them, clothe them, care for them and be their loving companions. One thing’s for sure: every step we take makes an impact on our planet.

    Here are long-lasting ways to become sustainable pet owners.

    1. Adopt, don’t shop

    Every year, millions of dogs and cats are euthanized in the United States alone. This is tragic statistics that could easily be diminished should more animal lovers understand the need to adopt over breeding and buying.

    Adopting animals not only means you’re saving a life and getting a stray off the street. There’s no joy compared to giving them a second chance in life; a renewed perspective that they deserve every bit of happiness and healthy lives just as much as the next one. You’re also taking part in easing animal overpopulation. Furthermore, you are lowering the demands for breeders.

    2. Handle pet poop better

    Dog walking on the park

    Single use plastic is extremely toxic to the environment. This makes your regular poop bag yet another reason why nature is having a hard time bouncing back.

    Invest on biodegradable poop bags or eco-friendly cat litter. Water-soluble bags are available to so you can flush it down the toilet. There are plenty of stores that are more conscious and are with you in the fight to help Mother Earth. Take it a step further by putting your pet poop as part of your garden compost. However, remember that only use it for plants that you won’t eat, to ensure you’re not making yourself prone to zoonotic parasites.

    3. Get recycled or sustainably made toys

    Dog playing woods

    Of course, no playtime is complete with toys! Part of being sustainable pet owners is using eco-friendly toys. Luckily, there are so many options available online and in store.

    Avoid plastic ones. Go for pet toys that are made naturally, like from hemp or bamboo. You can also recycle old household items and turn them into custom toys your dogs and cats would love, like knotted old clothes or a DIY cat tree.

    4. Think about your pet’s food

    Rabbit eating vegetables

    Eco-friendly pet owners take to heart proper, conscious feeding every time. Pet food that takes up a lot of mileage, otherwise known as carbon footprint, isn’t top of mind. Moreover, those with byproducts of fish and meat aren’t always the best choice, considering the staggering amount of pollution these industries contribute.

    It’s always best to go down the route of making your own pet food, using vegetables and chicken over beef. Other by-products such as offal are also a better choice. If fish is a must, make sure that the ones you’re buying are from sustainably sourced brands. Furthermore, it’s also good to consider the food packaging your store-bought pet food comes in.

    5. Walk more, drive less

    Happy family doing some walking with their dog

    We all know how traveling can make such big negative impact on the environment. That’s why as pet lovers, we also must be more conscious on how we move around and understand how our fur babies can help us help Earth.

    You may not know it but your pets, particularly dogs, can definitely help you reduce your very own carbon footprint. Exercise time with your furry loved ones mean you get to spend more time walking, and less time driving.

    It’s essential for us to make necessary changes, not only for us but for the environment. Take these tips to heart and become truly eco-friendly pet owners.

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