Simple Guide to Sustainable Self-Care


Simple Guide to Sustainable Self-Care

In our mission to care for others and Mother Earth, let’s not forget to care for ourselves too. Here are easy steps to sustainable self-care.

    Mental health issues are on an all-time high this past year. A recent poll reported that over half of American adults are experiencing negative impact on their well-being because of covid. 

    With the continuous crisis brought by the pandemic, self-care couldn’t be more essential. While our mission to save the planet shouldn’t stop, it’s also crucial to ensure that our mental wellness is an equal priority.

    Below is our simple guide to sustainable self-care.

    1. Power off

    Living room with turned off television

    Today’s news is more overwhelming than ever. Endless scrolling on our gadgets or constant gluing on our TV’s aren’t doing us any good either. On top of that, all that electrical use is killing the planet

    Switching your devices off means switching your mind off. Allow yourself the luxury of quiet time to shut the outside world out even just for an hour or two. Reach for that book you’ve been meaning to read. Take a walk and get some fresh air.

    Changing the way you relax not only enriches you mentally. It also gives Mother Earth a break too.

    2. Eat better

    Bunch of vegetables

    It’s easy to find comfort on greasy takeaways. However, that instant spike of endorphins isn’t exactly going to nourish your mind and spirit in the long run. In fact, it may lead you to feeling lower, even sick.

    Aim to eat more nutritiously. Sourcing produce from your local organic stores and farms provides many benefits beyond keeping you healthy. It gives a better chance for small businesses in your area to survive the pandemic. Furthermore, it also lessens the amount of carbon footprint needed just for you to eat.

    3. Develop a routine

    Woman doing yoga

    A routine encourages consistency. It also helps you look forward to things even if you’re staying home. Moreover, it keeps you away from poorer habits like excessive gadget use, impulsive food deliveries, and more.

    Create a daily schedule that will improve your mental health. This is a critical part of sustainable self-care because it keeps you on the right path. Allocate time for exercising, produce healthier meal plans so your trips to the groceries become quicker and more efficient. Include sun salutations in the morning so you can start your day brighter and lighter.

    Along with an established routine, open yourself up to new habits. Take up gardening and discover the joys of growing your own food. You can also start a journal to keep log on your thoughts and emotions.

    4. Indulge responsibly

    Eco-friendly beauty products salt and more

    Part of sustainable self-care is indulging in eco-friendly health and beauty products. There are countless cruelty-free products out there. It’s only a matter of choosing which ones can work best for you.

    If you’re also looking to eat out and indulge on a luxurious meal, remember to choose farm-to-table restaurants or places that source their ingredients responsibly. Of course, don’t forget to bring your reusable containers and cutlery, and your masks too.

    5. Start small

    It’s already a very challenging world out there right now. The best thing you can do for yourself is to take small steps steer clear from pressure. We are all doing what we can to get through the pandemic so don’t put the weight of having to do big things instantly.

    Start making small changes. Exert those small efforts to care for yourself on a daily basis. In due time, caring for yourself and the planet becomes part of your everyday life.

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