Tips for Sustainable Skincare


Tips for Sustainable Skincare

Despite the alarming state our planet is in, there are still plenty of toxic skincare products out there. Here’s how to commit to a sustainable beauty routine.

    We’re all about self-care. Considering how stressful and worrisome our current situation is, it’s important to give ourselves time and attention. However, our planet is still in a deteriorating state. That’s why it’s essential to live by eco-friendly ways, even when it comes to our skincare.

    Don’t know where to start? Here are tips for a more sustainable skincare.

    1. Forget about the face wipes

    Face wipes make everything easier, particularly after those long nights of wearing makeup. Just one wipe and everything goes away. However, face wipes are harmful to both your face and the environment. It strips away the natural oils of your skin, leaving it drier than it needs to be. Furthermore, it takes at least a century for these face wipes to completely decompose in a landfill.

    2. Support only sustainable brands

    sustainable soap

    The market is brimming with eco-friendly skincare products. All you have to is do your research and invest on these brands. These conscious skincare varieties don’t test on animals and use organic ingredients, which altogether lessen the impact on the environment. These products skip the heavy use of chemicals that leave the planet even more toxic. For starters, check out Ethique, Elate Cosmetics, Ilia and Aether Beauty.

    3. Invest on multipurpose products

    Stainless razor

    It’s simple: Less product, less packaging, less waste! Going for multipurpose products allow the landfills to breathe a little, even more, it helps you save some money too. Products like lip stain that works as cheek tint and beeswax lip balm that can also soften your cuticles are all good places to start. While you’re at it, invest on products that will last you longer. For example, switching plastic razors with stainless safety razors is a small step towards bigger, better changes.

    4. Simplify your routine

    Woman putting moisturizer on her face

    Sustainable skincare is all about being smarter and efficient without sacrificing your skin’s needs. Think about what you’re putting on your face and body. It’s all too often that you don’t need too much. If you can, simplify with a cleanser, toner and moisturizer. It may also best to consult with an expert so you don’t have to buy aimlessly or get caught up in trends.

    5. Conserve water

    Off faucet

    There’s far too much water wasted whenever we let the faucets turned on. Join the washcloth or sponge revolution instead. Apart from saving water, you are also exfoliating the dead skin cells away much better.

    6. Do your research Knowledge is power. Equipping yourself with information helps you become more aware of what’s going on around you, and how you can help. The truth is you don’t need to do a lot to start making impactful changes. Small steps like switching up your skincare routine is already a big help to Mother Nature. Moreover, fill your world with more aspirational people and products. When you surround yourself with the right community, your mindset improves. This way, you can start thinking more about the bigger picture; how our actions directly affect the future of our planet.

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