Your Guide to a Zero Waste Kitchen


Your Guide to a Zero Waste Kitchen

Living an ethical and sustainable lifestyle starts at home. Here are east steps to going zero waste in your kitchen.

    Going zero waste seems like an impossible feat at first. However, equipping yourself with knowledge and the right tools can be ultimately life-changing, and Earth-loving.

    One of the best places to start living a more sustainable lifestyle is in the kitchen. It’s arguably the biggest source of rubbish at home, from food packaging to leftovers. That’s why aiming for a zero waste kitchen is a big step towards becoming a true eco warrior.

    Here are things you can do to make your kitchen waste free.

    1. Always have a plan

    Grocery list

    Going to the grocery without a list or a meal plan can lead to excessive shopping. You’ll often end up with too much food wasted or spoiled by the end of the week. Worse, there will be even more food packaging tossed to myriads of landfills across the country.

    Set goals and make lists before you buy anything. Create a meal plan each week to help you figure out what you want to get from the store, and how much of it you would need. Check your pantry before going to the grocery so you don’t keep getting the same thing you have plenty of stock of. This way, you are only taking what you need and steering clear from wastage.

    2. Bring your reusable bags and containers

    Reusable bag and containers with fruits

    We all know plastic is one of the worst pollutants. That’s why you should never leave home without a reusable bag.

    Once you figure out what you need, it becomes easier to organize the bags and containers you’ll bring with you. Metal containers or tiffins work great for buying meat and seafood. Alternatively, you can ask the butcher to wrap them in kraft-style paper. Glass jars are fantastic for seeds, flour, honey, and the like. The rest, you can all toss into your hardy reusable bags or paper bags.

    3. Buy in bulk

    Mother and daughter buying  bulk of fruits

    Bulk stores have risen to popularity, and for good reason. It opens us up to smarter buying, and frees us from food packaging that contribute to our battle against trash pollution.

    Make the most of these bulk stores or hit the bulk aisle instead of buying food wrapped individually. Not only are they a big plus to a zero waste kitchen. They’re also surprisingly zen and much more calming to shop from.

    4. Make the necessary switches

    Three color grey towel

    Take a look at your kitchen and you’ll quickly realize how much of what you’re using contributes to our planet’s alarming state. It’s time to make the necessary switch and dress up your kitchen with the most ethical items.

    • Ditch the paper towels and start using cloths.
    • Switch out your plastic containers with reusable glass ones.
    • Use beeswax wrap or plates to cover food in your refrigerator instead of cling wrap. Eco-friendly biodegradable pods are much better than toxic detergent.
    • Go for refillable glass bottles instead of using plastic bottle cleaners.
    • Reusable metal straws are much kinder to the environment than plastic straws.
    • Forget about the coffee filters already and opt for a French press.

    5. Be in the know

    From supporting the right brands to staying updated, learning more about how you can truly live a zero waste life keeps you and your efforts in check. Moreover, sharing this knowledge with others can help inspire them to make the change too.

    Keep these tips in mind as you make your way towards a zero waste kitchen. Remember to take it a step at a time and allow yourself to slowly but surely progress and fully embrace a more conscious way of living.

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