10 Eco-Friendly Toys to Keep Active Kids Busy for a Stress-Free School Break


10 Eco-Friendly Toys to Keep Active Kids Busy for a Stress-Free School Break

These eco-friendly toys and do-it-yourself projects are sure to keep your kids busy and happy. Buying sustainable and zero-waste products will help your children make informed decisions from an early age and grow into the kind of environmentally conscious adults that the world needs.

    Remember your childhood vacation? It’s a lot of fun for a kid—bright lights, happy music, family get-togethers, new toys, and of course, those summer trips! It makes sense why kids are giggling and excited!

    We understand that managing your little ones throughout the summer can be challenging, despite your deep love for your children.  Because of this, we’ve compiled our top DIY games and ten eco-friendly toys to help you cope with the sugar-fueled stress.

    Handmade Games and Projects for Your Eager Kids

    Think about what homemade games and activities you can create that don’t require new items before you head to the store. There are lots of original, enjoyable, and practical ways to spend school breaks.

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    Investigate the Vast Outdoors

    Taking your kids outside allows them greater room to move about and use up extra energy. Garden serves as an excellent science laboratory because it provides access to soil, water, and weather data, as well as life sciences such as the life cycles of plants, insects, and animals. Try eco-friendly gardening too!

    Help Them Become a Master Chef

    You now have a time to try new things and excel in cooking! Try preparing colorful, simple recipes using child friendly equipment. Ask your kids to draw some snack ideas then create them! That would be fantastic! 

    Make Them Put on a Performance

    If your child enjoys a little drama, help them turn that sassiness into a creative performance. When you give your kids the task of creating a festive presentation using your clothes and household items, you’ll be amazed at what creative ideas they may come up with.

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    Declutter and Donate

    This is the ideal moment to start teaching sustainable and thoughtful shopping practices! Advise your kids to go over what they already have and donate anything they don’t need before they get anything new. This reinforces the idea that purchases ought to be well thought out and ought to be avoided ending up in landfills.

    10 Zero-Waste Toys to Make School Break Less Stressful

    Wooden Balance Board: A balance board made from sustainable wood encourages active play and improves balance and coordination.

    Recycled Plastic Frisbee: Choose a frisbee made from recycled plastic for eco-friendly outdoor fun that gets kids moving.

    DIY Nature Scavenger Hunt Kit: Create a scavenger hunt kit with recycled materials and encourage kids to explore nature while staying active.

    Bamboo Jump Rope: Jump ropes made from bamboo are durable, sustainable, and provide a great cardiovascular workout for kids.

    Upcycled Cardboard Building Blocks: Transform cardboard boxes into building blocks for creative play that also encourages physical activity.

    DIY Bean Bag Toss Game: Use recycled materials to create a bean bag toss game, promoting hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills.

    Organic Cotton Yoga Mat: Introduce kids to yoga with a soft, eco-friendly yoga mat made from organic cotton.

    Plant-Based Sidewalk Chalk: Choose sidewalk chalk made from plant-based materials for artistic expression combined with outdoor movement.

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    DIY Outdoor Obstacle Course: Set up an obstacle course using natural materials like logs, branches, and stones to keep kids engaged and active outdoors.

    Reusable Water Balloons: Replace traditional water balloons with reusable ones made from eco-friendly materials for hours of active water play without the waste.School breaks don’t have to be stressful! Your kids will be occupied and delighted with these do-it-yourself projects and these environmentally friendly toys. Help your kids make wise decisions from an early age and help them develop into the kind of environmentally conscious adults the world needs by buying sustainable and zero-waste items.

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